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How to Revive the House Batteries

Those who live the luxury motorcoach lifestyle know that the house battery system can shut down upon occasion, whether it’s because the coach wasn’t plugged in properly or something else. When it comes to the engine battery system, we have Marathon’s patented jump-start button on the side dash. However, the solenoid only goes one way – house to chassis. So what do you do when you need to reverse the process from chassis to house? To get up and running, you simply need to connect two points – and all you need are standard jumper cables.

How to use the chassis battery system to revive the house batteries:

  1. Start the engine (with the engine running, the batteries should measure 28 volts – enough to get the house back up and running, and allow the charger or the alternator to kick in and start charging the house again).
  2. When using the jumper cables, choose the red side or the black side (you only need one side).
  3. Locate the jump-start relay.
  4. Identify the two studs to connect.
  5. Put one end of the cable on the first stud.
  6. Use the other cable end to merely touch the second stud for a split second.

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