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How to Use the Freedom Plus Sewer Hose System

Marathon’s patented Freedom Plus is an automated sewer hose system that couldn’t be easier to operate. This innovative system features push-button controls, which open a drop door that dispenses the sewer hose as well as the shore cord to the appropriate drain receptacles and shore power hookup so you minimize interaction with both. Marathon’s engineers designed this exclusive plumbing bay to not only improve the reliability of the system, but to also make it as convenient for coach owners to operate as possible.

How to use Marathon’s Freedom Plus system:

  1. Ensure the drop door is down.
  2. Turn the power on.
  3. Press and hold the “Hose Out” button.
  4. Once out, remove the end of the hose.
  5. Attach the 90-degree angle fitting onto the hose.
  6. Dump tanks.

When you’re done:

  1. If you want to rinse the tanks, use the flush valves in the plumbing bay.
  2. Replace the cap on the hose.
  3. Push and hold the “Hose In” button.

NOTE: Extend the hose far enough to reach it. Then pull it out to the length you want by hand. While the hose can shoot out farther on its own, lifting it off the ground while pulling it out will keep the hose from dragging on the ground. This will extend the life of the hose.


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