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10 Hidden Features of a Marathon Coach

Some people believe Marathon Coach is the world’s leader in luxury bus conversions because we’ve built the most motorcoaches in the industry. For others, it’s due to our uncanny ability to make our clients’ visions a reality through truly customizable projects, floorplans, paint designs and interiors. We believe what sets us apart from the competition has everything to do with our innovative nature and passion to maximize your luxury experience – even when it comes to the things you don’t see. Here are just a few of our favorite hidden features.


Standard on every Marathon coach, a liquid latex ceramic form of insulation called Temp-Coat insulates, protects, curbs condensation and resists harmful UV rays, thereby enhancing and extending the life of your luxury motorcoach. Originally designed for industrial and marine use, 15 mil thickness of this thermal reflective roof coating is the equivalent of four inches of insulating foam as rated by certified labs.

Dimmable Interior LED Lights

It’s widely known that LED interior lights draw less power, are brighter, produce 65% less heat and last five times longer than traditional bulbs. Lesser known is that all of Marathon’s interior LED lights are dimmable. With complete control of the light output, setting the mood and the level of energy consumption are completely up to the coach owner.

Hidden Subwoofers

A quality subwoofer heightens the audio experience, whether listening to a favorite band or watching an exciting movie. When blended into the surrounding cabinetry, subwoofers provide the low bass support for all audio content to create a realistic and engaging experience while maintaining the aesthetics Marathon Coach is known for. Subwoofers are standard equipment in both the salon and entertainment bay – inside and outside – and there are no unattractive “black boxes,” just an elevated listening experience.

Hidden Roof Air Vents

Marathon’s hidden roof air vents provide many subtle benefits with dramatic results. The most popular benefit, according to clients, is air flow that cools a room without the annoyance of a straight-down trajectory, ruffling hair or causing a chill. This centralized air flow, forcing the air to the center of the room, also ensures cool air isn’t being lost when the slides are in, and provides significantly more flexibility for innovative ceiling design without the limitations caused by exhaust vents.

Automatic Appliance Locks

Because residential appliances were not created to withstand the rigors of the road, Marathon provides tested and true automatic locks on the refrigerator doors and freezer drawers, as well as the dish drawer – all of which engage when the engine starts. With no need to worry about the week’s chilled provisions getting lost if the coach hits a pothole, drivers are free to simply enjoy the journey. Even with the engine engaged, the simple touch of a button disables the lock for five seconds, with the lock reengaged automatically once the appliance is closed.

Cell Phone Access to Crestron

Crestron does more than connect functions such as audio/video or lighting – it integrates all of Marathon’s functions into one seamless command center, which is accessible from a smart device. As long as there is a signal, clients can use their secure cell phone or tablet app to monitor and control their coaches via the Crestron system. Adjust the temperature for pets left behind when out to lunch a couple miles away, unlock doors for visiting family from across the country or turn on the lights to take a peek inside via camera while traveling abroad.

Pre-Connected Sewer Hose

Marathon’s patented Freedom Plus system is an automated sewer hose system that couldn’t be easier to operate. This innovative setup features push-button controls that open a drop door to dispense the shore cord AND the sewer hose to the appropriate shore power hookup, as well as drain receptacles so users have minimal interaction with both.

Separate Black and Gray Tanks

Marathon’s two-tank system provides three potential advantages over the industry norm of a single waste tank. First: because all the sink drains are connected to the gray tank – which has no sewage – if a P-trap dries out, the only smell that can escape is that of soapy gray water, unlike coaches with a single tank, which also houses black water, and thereby produces a sewer smell. Second: if one was unaware of full gray tank levels causing an overflow, harmless gray water would emerge in the shower pan (the lowest drain in the water system), rather than sewage for those on a single holding tank system. Third: although using an approved dump site for all dumping is ideal, in case of emergency it’s good to know there’s more flexibility with gray water dumping, as approved locations are not mandatory; since most customers generate more gray than black water, this can add a level of convenience should the gray tank be full. PLEASE NOTE: Dumping the black tank is only legal at approved sewer dump sites.

Headerless Pocket Doors

Headerless pocket doors can provide up to six additional inches of headroom when compared to some other brands. With headerless installation – where there are no covers or boards protruding downward from the ceiling to hide any mechanics – not only is there a more aesthetically pleasing finish, but there’s also better function and a quieter and smoother experience, as doors open and close more softly.

Hidden Storage: Flip-Down Backs

Marathon dinettes are created to be comfortable and functional – the perfect place to enjoy a good meal. In their quest to maximize space in every inch of every coach, Marathon engineers integrate storage in expected and unexpected places alike. One example is the angled L-shaped dinette, which features drawers underneath and hidden storage behind the seat backs.

Enjoy this video about Marathon’s plumbing bays:

Enjoy this video about Marathon’s air pocket doors:

Enjoy this video about Marathon’s dinettes:


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