Prevost Chassis: Silent Stainless Steel Comfort. MMwM Ep.203 | Marathon Coach

Prevost Chassis: Silent Stainless Steel Comfort. MMwM Ep.203

Walk with Mal through two 2022 Prevost shells and get a rare look at the fully-welded stainless steel chassis that provides stability, comfort and a smooth, silent ride to every Marathon. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at Step inside two brand new 2022 Prevost shells ¬– one H3 and one X3 – or, what will become Marathon Coaches #1350 and #1351. See the interior of the fully-welded, stainless steel structure just as it arrives from Prevost in Quebec and get some great info on the differences between the H3 and X3 shells, including the ceiling height and the stairway leading from the cockpit to the salon. Stick around to look inside the bays, revealing the fully-welded inner structure of the quietest, safest and most stable RV chassis you can find on the road.

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