2021 X3 Walkthrough (1331). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.193 | Marathon Coach

2021 X3 Walkthrough (1331). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.193

See a walkthrough of 2021 Marathon Custom Coach #1331, built on the X3-45 Prevost chassis, just before it is delivered to the clients. While Mal is making his way to events in the California desert, enjoy this this pre-recorded tour he made of the latest custom Marathon off the production floor. Find out how Marathon Coach #1331 holds the distinction of being designed without the clients ever having been on premises, and how the master designers and craftspeople came together to create this work-of-art-on-wheels. Enjoy the southwest-themed paint job over the classic stainless steel siding of the X3-45 chassis. Then step inside to a modified floorplan including a unique kitchen drawer bank, a larger, deeper shower, and a smaller TV to allow for more natural light in the master suite. Handpicked, rich, burl wood laminates and exquisite décor round out the singular design of this luxury RV. See yet another dream coach that has been imagined and brought to life at Marathon.

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