X3/H3 Luxury RV (1331, 1333). Marathon Mondays w/ Mal Ep.191

X3/H3 Luxury RV (1331, 1333). Marathon Mondays w/ Mal Ep.191

Follow Mal on a luxury RV walkthrough of two Prevost Marathon coaches still in production at the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon. Get a look at Custom Coach #1331, an X3 model in which the clients have worked with the engineers and designers to create a singular masterpiece that includes a huge galley pantry in lieu of a midship water closet, a larger, deeper shower and extra storage in the master suite instead of a larger TV. Then, enjoy a sneak peek at Show Coach #1333, built on the Prevost H3 chassis and designed with more contemporary lines, colors and textures. With mid-production looks at these two elegant coaches, get a real sense from Mal of the breadth of Marathon’s creativity and craftsmanship.

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