2021 Prevost Quads 1341,1332. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.190 | Marathon Coach

2021 Prevost Quads 1341,1332. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.190

Get a sneak peek at two brand new 2021 quad-slide Prevost Marathons: Show Coach #1341 in shell prep and Show Coach #1332 in flooring. It’s another busy day at the World Headquarters of Marathon Coach in Coburg, Oregon, and as Mal looks over the pristine shell of Show Coach #1341, get a real sense of the space in a quad with all four slides retracted, as well as a unique look through the bays and the underlying solid structure of the Prevost chassis. Then step into Show Coach #1332 where the hardwood flooring is being carefully selected for installation. Learn about the difference between the Grand Cayman and Jackson Hole floorplans, both with the coveted rear superbath but with subtle nuances that make them both uniquely extravagant.

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