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Luxury RV Lifestyle: 2019 Coburg Car Classic

For Flashback Friday, enjoy this look back at the 2019 Coburg Car Classic, showcasing a wealth of beautiful classic cars in the town of Coburg, Oregon. The town of Coburg – home of the World Headquarters of Marathon Coach – is also host to the Annual Coburg Car Classic, which has been a go-to for enthusiasts and the general public for nearly 30 years. Follow Marathon Marketing Manager Pete Sutton as he walks the gauntlet of gorgeous vehicles and tells about fun things to do while you are in town, whether you are servicing your Prevost or just visiting friends at Camp Marathon. Notice: Due to Covid-19 concerns, and for only this year, the 2020 Coburg Car Classic will be replaced by “The Coburg Cruise,” where participants will drive their classic vehicles through the streets of Coburg beginning at 11am on August 1. Please see the link below for more information. In the meantime, enjoy all the beautiful classic car footage from 2019!

Get more information on the Annual Coburg Car Classic, and this year’s 2020 Coburg Cruise.


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