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Casey’s Riverside RV Park

Casey’s Riverside RV Park is a place so steeped in natural splendor and serenity that everyday cares simply melt away. With its dynamic views, rushing river, immediate fishing, nearby hiking and more, it’s no wonder some Marathon coach owners and their friends book their stays at this hidden gem in Westfir, Oregon, as much as a year in advance.

“We love Casey’s RV Park,” said Marathon coach owner Lia Halter, “which we found through our friends. Bill and I have been coming here for 12 years. We’re native Oregonians but we never knew the Willamette River was so beautiful at the headwaters.”

Built in 1999, Andre Yazdi and Toni Wassenberg purchased Casey’s in December of 2017. Since then, this duo has focused on making many improvements, including idyllic landscaping.

“We have irrigated the RV sites and installed new grass so each site has a lush green lawn throughout the hot dry summer,” said Toni. “We are also installing gardens throughout the park to enhance the natural beauty of the area. The entire length of the park is bordered by the Willamette River, which is the main reason customers love it here. We have benches and swings along the river for guests to sit and enjoy the peaceful sound of the water and views of the mountains and blue skies.”

Quiet, peaceful and only a short jaunt from Marathon World Headquarters, all 56 sites are bus friendly and have full hookups. Plus, both cruising and parking are easy with fully paved roads and sites nestled between sun-drenched trees.

“We are constantly improving how we run the park. We want to make everyone’s stay enjoyable, so we’ve instituted new policies to ensure the park is quiet and safe for guests,” said Toni. “We’ve hired friendly staff who also love Casey’s and are knowledgeable about the RV lifestyle. We listen to our guests and do our best to meet their needs, always happy to hear new ideas and suggestions.”

The park is designed to allow everyone to enjoy the river, not just those parked in the waterfront sites. “In front of us here at the park is the north fork of the Willamette River and the confluence of the middle fork of the Willamette River,” explained Marathon coach owner Ed Portz. “Sixty years ago, I used to fish this. I would come down, put in at the north fork, float into this and then fish about 15 miles downstream from here on the drift boat. I love to return to places where I have a lot of history.”

Situated along the middle fork of the Willamette River, this park provides a feast for the senses. Those who also enjoy merrymaking with friends indoors will appreciate the centrally located clubhouse, exclusively available to visiting groups, with a full kitchen, big-screen TV, fireplace and more.

Marvel Dement and her husband Dan have been visiting Casey’s for years, sharing their love of the park with friends along the way, many of whom are Marathon coach owners. “Some of the beauty of being in an RV or coach is the fact that everywhere you go you make new friends,” said Marvel. “Sometimes those travelers will share their favorite spots with you. Two friends we met at a park in California shared this spot with us about 12 years ago. Being close to where we lived, we decided we’d try it. We’ve come every year since, and brought more and more of our coach-owning friends with us. It’s a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family. There are lovely accommodations, plus soft-serve ice cream. If you have the opportunity, come and spend some time here.”

An easy and scenic drive from Marathon World Headquarters, Casey’s is a great home base for testing systems or a quick reprieve from Camp Marathon.

“One of the great things about Casey’s location is it’s less than an hour from Marathon in Coburg,” said Marathon coach owner Richard Hodkinson, who has been coming to Casey’s for a couple of years now. “That really helps for people who want to try out a bus: If they’re new to the bus, they had something fixed or received some upgrades, they can come here and spend a few days to make sure everything is good before they move on. It’s a very nice location to do that.”

Sun-filled adventures abound with nearby golf, pickleball, hiking, waterfalls, massages and dining. “One of the most popular activities is lounging by the river with a drink in your hand, while enjoying the sound of water with the breeze blowing through the trees,” said owner Andre Yazdi. “In one section of the park there is slow moving water, perfect for fishing, swimming or just walking along the water. There are even some beaches on property to enjoy. And we have a famous soft-serve ice cream machine at the park, which without it, we would be nothing.”

Marathon coach owners Shelly Ward and Sandy Kincaid Ward have been meeting friends at Casey’s for years. “This is our fourth year. We joined Casey’s camper group. There are probably eight to 10 coach owners who come every year, so it’s a big party for a week.”

Those with friends and family who have yet to fully embrace the RV lifestyle will soon be able to share this hidden gem, too, as Andre and Toni are renovating two vacation houses on the property: a studio tiny home, which sleeps two; and a two-master bedroom house, which sleeps six.

See the video about Casey’s Riverside RV Resort with owner Andre Yazdi:


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