Pre-owned Luxury RV (1240). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.172 | Marathon Coach

Pre-owned Luxury RV (1240). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.172

With only 35,000 miles on the engine, pre-owned Marathon Show Coach #1240 is a luxury RV with incredible value. From the exterior bay slide-outs to the mosaic tile in the shower, every last detail of Show Coach #1240 – built on the Prevost X3 chassis – exudes ease and elegance. Enjoy a floorplan that includes a co-pilot seat that swivels to become an addition to the salon, as well as air pocket doors closing off the salon, water closet and bedroom that save space and provide maximum privacy. Marvel at all the amazing storage, like the many drawers below and alongside the master suite TV, tons of galley/pantry cabinetry and a tremendous rear closet next to the stacking washer/dryer. Amenities like heated floors throughout the coach and stylish interior design make this extravagant coach an exceptional way to get into a Marathon.

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