Luxury Coach Details (1300). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.170 | Marathon Coach

Luxury Coach Details (1300). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.170

The new owners of Marathon Show Coach #1300 personalize the luxury details before delivery. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at See a rare and informative interview with interior designer Brenda Kraft as she and Mal discuss a collaboration with the new owners regarding changes to décor and materials before the coach is delivered. Show Coach #1300 is a 2020 H3-45 quad slide, fitted with the highly-sought-after Jackson Hole floorplan and designed with a unique, modern style. See how Brenda is coordinating with the new owners to remove the occasional table, change the galley backsplash, use simpler backlit features and switch out some of the dashboard/cockpit features. Find out how an introductory discussion between Brenda and the clients led to a shared love of Ralph Lauren and a newly imagined combination of colors and textures that personalizes the coach for the new owners. Ep.170 illustrates how, without fail, Marathon Coach always goes the extra mile to welcome new owners into the Marathon family.

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