Luxury RV Holiday Bays (1321). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.169 | Marathon Coach

Luxury RV Holiday Bays (1321). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.169

For the Memorial Day holiday weekend, enjoy a luxury RV exploration of the incredibly spacious and versatile bays on Marathon Show Coach #1321. Show Coach #1321 has been dubbed the “blacked out” coach due to its blacked out grill, tires, rub rails, mirrors and other external features. In this pre-recorded holiday episode, join Mal for an examination of the cavernous bays underneath one of the most unique spec coaches on the market today. Watch as Mal actually gets inside the pass-through bays to really display their roominess; enjoy a look at the huge television with sound bar that extends out nearly a foot from the coach with dual swing arm actuator; and stick around for a great look at the artfully-arranged plumbing/filtration systems. Find out how Marathon design and manufacturing offer the premium storage space and advanced engineering needed for a complete life on the road.

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