Pre-Owned Prevost XLII Luxury RV: Marathon Coach #0836 | Marathon Coach

Pre-Owned Prevost XLII Luxury RV: Marathon Coach #0836

Built with two slide-outs on the Prevost XLII chassis in 2004, Marathon Coach #0836 is as enduring as it is unique – and your perfect introduction to the luxury RV lifestyle. In the exterior paint, revel in the soft golds, metallic taupes and subtle ghost flames, offset by ebony bands and the distinctive stainless siding of the Prevost XLII chassis, creating a timeless and classy look and a hint at the luxury within. The singular floorplan of Show Coach #0836 includes: a rear walk-in wardrobe with drawer bank; a second vanity sink in the master suite; a unique galley with bar seating, pantry underneath and a bar/curio cabinet; and a 72″ custom sleeper sofa in the salon. The sophisticated curves of the end table, galley and bar combined with the gentle feel of white porcelain and pearl laminates and the relaxing carpeted master suite afford the owner all the adventure of the road with all the comfort and leisure of a five-star hotel.


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