Enduring Extravagance in a Luxury RV: Marathon Coach #0871 | Marathon Coach

Enduring Extravagance in a Luxury RV: Marathon Coach #0871

Built in 2004 on the Prevost XLII (45′) chassis, Marathon Coach #0871 is an enduring story of luxury RV extravagance. The classic stainless siding of the chassis boasts elegantly clean swaths of onyx, champagne and crimson over a rich amber foundation – the quality and craftsmanship of the paint job inherent in its flawless condition. With its upgraded headlights, rear view camera and exclusive Freedom Plus plumbing and TechLink electrical systems, Show Coach #0871 is truly like new. Add to the mix the timeless, stylish interior – light and bright leathers with porcelain tile throughout and carpet in the master suite – and you simply won’t believe the incredible value of this luxury RV. Marathon Coach #0871 is just another reminder of how the Prevost chassis is built to last a million miles – and the Marathon build is made to mirror that longevity.


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