Blacked Out Luxury RV (1321). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.163 | Marathon Coach

Blacked Out Luxury RV (1321). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.163

Marathon Show Coach #1321 – the “blacked out coach” – is fresh off the production line, and Mal gives a thorough walkthrough of this stunning luxury RV. The newest luxury coach from Marathon is a feat of engineering and design with its sleek, textured paint job, various blacked-out features and modern interior design. Built on the H3 model Prevost chassis and fitted with two slide-outs, Marathon Coach #1321 is chock full of posh amenities, like heated floors throughout the coach, five TVs (including one in the exterior bay) and a fireplace insert in the salon. Get an exclusive look at some of Mal’s favorite interior touches, like: dark laminates; porcelain tile flooring; and marbled leather in the cockpit, recliners and ceiling accents. Stick around as Mal gets some stunning close-ups of the textured exterior paint of one of the most exciting luxury RVs currently on the market.

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