Custom-Designed Alchemy: Marathon Coach #1318 | Marathon Coach

Custom-Designed Alchemy: Marathon Coach #1318

A custom-designed Marathon Coach incorporates the harmonious blend of an owner’s imagination and Marathon’s creativity and ingenuity – and Marathon Coach #1318 is no exception to this alchemy. The exterior paint on #1318 flaunts exciting flashes of maroon, orange and yellow hovering expectantly over rich base coats of ebony, tan and pearl, hinting at the mystery and adventure of the road. Designed on the coveted Jackson Hole floorplan providing a spacious rear superbath, this quad-slide adds a uniquely exposed area behind the cockpit where the curio cabinet was removed to provide the coach with maximum natural light. In the midship water closet as well as the rear superbath the expertly hand-crafted mosaic tile backsplashes really dazzle, while the custom sewing table in the bedroom was a triumph for Marathon’s ingenious Engineering department. As with all of their custom luxury coaches, Marathon Coach #1318 is proof that if it can be imagined, Marathon can build it.


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