Two Luxury Coach Sneak Peeks. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.161 | Marathon Coach

Two Luxury Coach Sneak Peeks. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.161

Get exclusive sneak peeks of two brand new luxury coaches at the World Headquarters of Marathon Coach in Coburg, Oregon. First: have a look at the exterior of Marathon Show Coach #1328, fresh out of the paint department and ready for electrical/wire pull – the modern design and detailed texturing will amaze and inspire. And then: step into Show Coach #1321 – the “blacked-out coach” – just hours from completion. Excitement has been building over the stylish “blacked-out” grill, wheels and side mirrors, and on the interior, the dark, distressed leather and heated porcelain tile flooring that stretches the entire length of the coach. See how Marathon Coach continues to outdo themselves with each new luxury RV to drive off the factory floor. At Marathon Coach, we specialize in luxury motorhomes, including custom luxury RV sales.

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