Luxury RV in Hollywood (1291). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.159 | Marathon Coach

Luxury RV in Hollywood (1291). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.159

Marathon Custom Coach #1291 is in Hollywood, California, where it will be featured as Justin Hartley’s luxury RV on the set of ABC’s hit series “This Is Us.” While Marathon Coach #1291 had already gained some notoriety in industry circles as one of the most customized, intricately designed luxury coaches ever produced – now its celebrity reaches new heights as it makes a star appearance in the hit TV series “This Is Us.” In Marathon Mondays Ep.159, Mal gives us a walkthrough of this beautiful coach, as well as its matching personalized trailer. Enjoy the incredible paint on this coach/trailer combo, the design of which is contiguous from one vehicle to the other, and get a unique look at the customized interior with raised rear bath and dazzling interior design. Stay tuned for bonus footage about the “This Is Us” episode where Custom Coach #1291 gets to strut on the set of Paramount Studios.

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