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Exquisitely Timeless Luxury RV: Marathon Coach #1240

Manufactured on the inimitable X3 Prevost chassis in 2017, Marathon Coach #1240 will inspire you with its timeless luxury RV design and exquisite amenities. The exterior paint design of this pre-owned beauty turns heads with its candy red and slate swirls over ebony and of course, the classic ribbed stainless steel of the chassis; move closer and marvel at the detailed, textured patterns within a design that glides as smoothly and luxuriously as the motorcoach itself. The custom-patterned Travertine tile flooring in the salon invites you to step inside and enjoy amenities like the Apple TV system with surround sound, adjustable reclining bed and temperature-sensing shower. Lovely, timeless leathers, fabrics reminiscent of shale and quartz with accents of polished chrome provide a sense of extravagant contentment throughout the coach. And in the Prevost X3 model chassis from Prevost, the cockpit is level with the rest of the coach – providing maximum headroom – and two-slide-outs on the driver’s side provide even more cavernous comfort. An incredible value, Marathon Coach #1240 is your doorway to the pinnacle luxury travel.


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