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A Message from Marathon Coach Club

Hello Club members and Maratime readers. At our Fall 2019 “Magnificent Southern Utah” rally I was honored to be chosen Club president for the next two years. I look forward to working with Vice-President Irmie Grundner, Secretary/Treasurer Carol Gossman and Board members Ken Byrtus, Ed Cheeney, Kirk Hicks, Jerry Keeton, Susie Morehead and Wade Threadgill. And the most important role of all, that of Rally Committee Chairperson, goes to Cindy Hicks, with Jerry Keeton and Irmie Grundner as her helpmates.

I want to acknowledge our former President, Walt Staltman, and the Officers and Board who worked with him. This group not only held wonderful rallies during their tenure but also implemented procedures to allow us to accept credit cards and brought us our online Club Member Directory. If you aren’t set up on this, the 2020 Club renewal notice mailed in October includes instructions for accessing it. One really fun feature of the online Directory is you can post photographs with your profile information.

We all appreciate the discount Club members receive at Marathon’s three facilities, but not all members have had a chance to participate in a rally. When Gary and I bought our first coach, we decided to attend a rally because of the location. But we soon discovered that the people we met were so interesting and friendly, the location was a secondary attraction. We haven’t missed a rally since! If you’ve not been to a rally, I encourage you to join us. I am sure you’ll have fun with fellow owners. And you’ll probably learn something about your coach from other owners during the event, too. This will happen innocently when walking your dog, sitting at your picnic table or borrowing a tool from your neighbor.

Thirty four coaches came to the Southern Utah Rally – see the Maratime Rally Review online for details and lots of gorgeous photographs! Suffice it to say, this was another fantastic Marathon Club rally. Generous contributions from Marathon Coach and Prevost help make our rallies possible. Thank you both, we appreciate your support.

Looking forward to future events: Our 2020 Spring rally is in Tucson (at this writing, a few spots are still open); the 2020 Fall Washington, D.C. rally is so popular we have a waiting list. But don’t despair! Some marvelous rallies are planned for 2021. See the online rally schedule and sign up soon for the events you want to attend.

In the meantime, keep the fun meter pegged!

Alice Nelson
Marathon Club President


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