Luxury Coach Upgrade (1265). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.152 | Marathon Coach

Luxury Coach Upgrade (1265). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.152

Get a first-hand look at a luxury coach flooring upgrade as Mal does a walkthrough of Marathon Coach #1265, broadcasting from Indio, California. In ep.152, see why a wealth of Marathon staff – including Marketing Manager Pete Sutton, Lead Engineer Jay Graham and three sales representatives – have amassed at premier luxury RV resort Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California, this week (hints: Taco Tuesday, Test Drive Thursday). Then follow Mal on a walkthrough of Marathon Coach #1265, which just received an elegantly refurbished floor from the master craftspeople at Marathon Coach. Stick around to find out where the company will be represented over the next few event-laden weeks as Marathon Coach continues to be the gold standard in the world of luxury rving.

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