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Lifeline RV Batteries

Constructed by expert craftsmen, Marathon Coach is proud to provide the world’s leading luxury motorcoach. So it’s no surprise that for ten years, we’ve chosen Lifeline batteries that are made by hand from start to finish here in the U.S.

“It’s their attention to detail that has kept Lifeline at the forefront of the RV and marine battery industry for decades,” said Director of Engineering and Production Mark Bryan. “Lifeline batteries have a track record for long term reliability. They’re also known for rapid recharge, unmatched life cycles and superior quality and construction.”

Known for excellent performance, reliability and life, these batteries built to military specifications also have the advantage of being mountable in any orientation without capacity loss, providing our engineers with even more flexibility in their design. With lower internal impedance to support high load currents and better capacity at lower temperatures, these AGM batteries keep you comfortable and in charge no matter where you find yourself.


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