Marathon Luxury RV Cabinetry: Lifetime of Form and Function | Marathon Coach

Marathon Luxury RV Cabinetry: Lifetime of Form and Function

Get two equally illuminating perspectives on the artistry and longevity of both form and function in Marathon’s luxury RV cabinetry. In this informative video, hear from Mike Perotti, Marathon’s Divisions Production Manager – as well as from Gene Babilis, a long-time Marathon coach owner – about the thoughtful design and expert installation of Marathon cabinetry. Listen in as Mike Perotti talks about the longevity of a Marathon: how all products and materials are methodically tested before they’re introduced into the coaches; how 15-20 years from the rollout date, the doors are still straight; and all about the lifetime finish on laminates. Then get the scoop from Gene Babilis, multiple-Marathon owner, on how the fit and finish of a Marathon translates into a beautiful and versatile space for himself and his large family throughout all of his various travels and adventures. From both accounts, see how – backed by decades of industry expertise – Marathon has contemplated every detail of innovation, quality and luxury.


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