Lavish Luxury Coach: Marathon Show Coach #1266 | Marathon Coach

Lavish Luxury Coach: Marathon Show Coach #1266

Step into the lavish luxury of Marathon Show Coach #1266. Built in 2018 on the Prevost H3 model chassis, Marathon Show Coach #1266 wins you over from the outset with its graceful lines of ebony, dark sand and crimson interwoven in the exterior paint design with Marathon’s signature artistry. Two driver’s side slide-outs in the bedroom and salon transform the interior into an extravagant home on wheels, replete with top-of-the-line technology and cozy colors throughout the coach. Features like rear backup camera, adaptive cruise control and Marathon’s patented Freedom Plus sewer system make drivability and functionality a breeze, while comforts such as the fireplace insert, rain shower feature and reclining king size bed raise your standard of living to the highest level of luxury.


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