Luxury RV Custom Bays (1265). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.144 | Marathon Coach

Luxury RV Custom Bays (1265). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.144

In the latest episode of Marathon Mondays with Mal, explore the customized bays in a pre-owned luxury RV. Marathon Coach #1265 is an impeccable example of what’s possible in the storage bays of your luxury coach. From the patio lights on the exterior of the bay doors to the handsome laminates within, every bay has been meticulously thought out on this pre-owned H3 quad slide from Marathon. Follow Mal as he looks behind each bay door, where you’ll find a temperature controlled wine cooler, slide-outs for ample, convenient storage and incredible audio/visual systems. All this in a luxury motorhome that is merely two years old, and has only 18,000 miles on its Volvo D-13 engine. Be sure to tune in for Ep.145 next week, where Mal shows off the interior design of this incredible pre-owned luxury RV.

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