Packing Up Your Luxury RV (1177). Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.21 | Marathon Coach

Packing Up Your Luxury RV (1177). Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.21

Randy and Dawn are packing up their luxury RV (Marathon Coach #1177) and heading south for more adventures in warmer climes. The summer season is over and Randy and Dawn are leaving Hearthside Grove in Petoskey, Michigan, and heading south for the winter months. That means it’s time to pack up, disconnect the sewer, flush the tanks and disengage the shore cord. See how easy and clean Marathon engineering makes this process: watch Dawn retract the slides on Show Coach #1177 while Randy shuts the bays; follow along as Randy gives an informative demonstration of the best way to disconnect the sewer line and flush the black and grey tanks; then get another demo on how to shut off the main breaker and retract the shore cord. Once this is completed, the convenient drop door retracts into the belly of Show Coach #1177, the lights are checked, and the walk-around is finished, Dawn settles into the deluxe driver’s seat – and Randy and Dawn are headed off for exciting new luxury coach experiences. Be sure to follow Randy and Dawn in all of their luxury RV travels Wednesday mornings at 9 am PT/12 pm ET.

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