Luxury Coach Q&A (1318). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.136 | Marathon Coach

Luxury Coach Q&A (1318). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.136

Mal gives a luxury coach Q&A session from Marathon Show Coach #1318. After a brief opening in the cabinetry department, Mal returns to Show Coach #1318, which he be following throughout production. Just a week and a half removed from paint, Show Coach #1318 is getting wired – get a unique look at this custom coach as it is fitted with the inner workings that will inform its exceptional functionality. Hear from Mal how every Marathon coach has a unique schematic with everything carefully catalogued and coded. Then get an informative Q&A from inside Show Coach #1318, which answers questions like: why are no two Marathons exactly alike?; When will the new Prevost X3 chassis be featured?; Can a Marathon’s Wi-Fi signal be boosted?; and more! Everything you need to know about luxury RVs can be discovered on Marathon Mondays with Mal.

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