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Dinettes Reimagined

For some, traditional travel can become a burden mainly due to the myriad of transitions needed: transport – car rental – hotel – restaurant – necessity run – entertainment – hotel and on and on. When you have a Marathon, you have everything right where you need it. In fact, even our dinettes were recently reengineered for additional convenience whether you’re hosting a four-course meal or playing a board game with the ones you love. So skip all those extra errands and enjoy life Marathon-style.

Our L-shaped dinette now provides an additional five inches of headroom making dinnertime comfortable even for a 6 foot 5 inch man. The motorized table easily expands up to eight inches with the touch of a button, ensuring you can sit comfortably whether you’re having a glass of wine with the one you love or engrossed in conversation with your nearest and dearest friends. You’ll also find extra inches of space in the curio cabinets, letting you to display more meaningful mementos from your travels. You can store the extra souvenirs in the hidden storage behind the seat backs. The new table placement allows use of standard height chairs to be added for additional seating.

If you’re a fan of the facing dinette, you’ll be delighted to know it expands from 44 inches wide to 56 inches wide – so go ahead and invite the neighbors over for dinner. Since the table’s 12-inch leaf has a decorative ledge that flawlessly provides continued lighting, without wires and without cords – dining in has never been more fun. And with storage cubbies in the wainswall cabinet and a drawer in each pedestal, everything will have its place. From the user friendliness, additional storage and aesthetics, both dinette choices have the features you desire.





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