Luxury Coach Unboxing: What’s Inside Those Bay Boxes? | Marathon Coach

Luxury Coach Unboxing: What’s Inside Those Bay Boxes?

See a quick yet informative unboxing of the two black crates that come prepared in the underbelly of every one of Marathon’s new luxury coaches. Louis Pasteur once famously said: “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” Marathon Coach agrees! That’s why the owners of every new Marathon will find two large black boxes in the bays, chock full of all the information and items you’ll need for your luxurious life on the road. Join Daryl Collins from Marathon’s Interior Design department as she runs through the items in these invaluable and accessible boxes. From the ever-important Owner’s Manual – containing all the information you will need about your coach – to extra cabinet pulls and spare batteries, Marathon has thought of everything you’ll need to erase interruption from your luxury RV lifestyle. Just another example of how the manufacturers and designers at Marathon Coach work together to never miss a detail.


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