Increasing Horsepower with Prevost's New Electric Cooling Package

Giddy-Up: Increasing Your Horsepower with Prevost’s New Electric Cooling Package

All new Prevost shells provide the power and performance of 60 additional horsepower.

Prevost’s new beltless fan technology increases the driving horsepower available to the engine to propel the coach by an additional 60 horsepower in prime operating conditions, and also increasing fuel efficiency up to 4%. Early reviews are outstanding with multiple Marathon owners voicing how remarkable the additional power is in their new coaches.

These recently introduced fans offer a progressive speed that is fine-tuned on demand from the engine cooling system. Because they are not belt-driven by the engine, more power is available right where you need it – at the wheels.

A side-by-side configuration allows the complete surface of both the radiator and the Charge Air Cooler (CAC) to receive fresh air. An added benefit of this side-by-side design is that the CAC is easily removed, making engine access simple and smooth. Plus, with separate configurations built into the system logic for both summer and winter, there’s no debris accumulation, ensuring the systems stay clean and efficient: During summer conditions, fans are off periodically to release stray debris, which may block air flow; during winter conditions, fan rotation reverses automatically and regularly to eliminate the radiator and CAC system of snow, ice and sleet.

Prevost’s new cooling package is now standard on all new Marathons.


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