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Marathon Show Coach #1303

The pinnacle of understated luxury, Marathon Show Coach #1303 reflects what beauty is born when two icons converge.

Interior Designer Alan Christianson united Marathon’s world-class craftsmanship with some of Japan’s most distinctive and refined traditions. His Asian sojourn began with shagreen leather. Used as early as the 17th century by Japanese swordsmen to cover their hilts, for centuries shagreen has been known as the pinnacle of luxury worldwide. Now this long-established pattern of round, granular, raised texture of stingray skin has been lovingly recreated from superb quality cowhide to serve as a focal point in this ultra-modern H3-45.

Taking a fresh look from this tradition-based focus, Alan chose contemporary design elements with minimalistic attributes, something Marie Kondo, and her millions of international followers, would embrace. Simple and sophisticated with grays and chestnuts, and dotted with brilliant accessories, this double slide provides a backdrop for joyful living. Subtle color shifts combined with a convergence of rich textures keep the interior inspired, from the dashboard to the rear master suite.

Perfect for those who appreciate being prepared for anything, this coach provides ample wardrobe and storage space. With two large wardrobes, plus a removable hanger bar in the rear water closet, packing for multiple seasons or various climates is a breeze. Plus, separate water closets and a stand-alone shower provide versatility. This stand-alone shower can be used in a multitude of ways: Close off the galley and bedroom pocket doors for a full bath; swing the washer/dryer door over to close off the forward area so guests can have use of the forward water closet while the shower remains open to the bedroom; or completely close off the shower from the bedroom and forward water closet, galley and salon. Heated floors and Marathon’s coveted hidden appliance center, with its gourmet coffee maker, steam oven and wine cooler, round out a full onslaught of luxury amenities.

A modern, neutral influence sparks the imagination with an exterior created to impress. In fact, the custom-designed pewter-colored paint with gold flake has never been used before. Pearl glazed white adds shimmer while silver pins pop with large metallic flakes, reflecting more light and providing additional sparkle.

If you’re ready to let the good times roll, Marathon Show Coach #1303 was hand built by Marathon’s artisans just for you.


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