Marathon Coach: Best Handling and Drivability in a Luxury RV | Marathon Coach

Marathon Coach: Best Handling and Drivability in a Luxury RV

Hear it first-hand from the owners: for the best performance and drivability in a luxury RV, look no further than a Marathon Coach bus conversion. Meet Milo and Jesse Kirk and their golden retriever, Charly. They’d traveled the world, but nothing compared to the luxury coach experience, and certainly nothing compared in comfort and drivability to a Marathon coach, the first of which they bought in 2008. “It’s so much easier to drive a Marathon,” asserts Milo. “Like sitting in your living room and driving down the highway.” Hear from Milo and Jesse how the architecture of the Prevost driver’s environment, coupled with superior handling and localized dashboard controls, make driving a Marathon fun and easy. Then get a run-down of the various safety features — like extra mirrors, backup cameras and proximity braking — that make the experience as safe as it is comfortable. You might not hear from Marathon coach owners that a Volvo D-13 engine has excellent low-end torque or that Prevost’s independent suspension includes stabilizer bars on the drive axles, but they all know how superior performance feels. Once you drive a Marathon, says Milo Kirk: “There’s no comparison.”


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