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Awaken the Senses in a Luxury RV: Marathon Show Coach #1209

Picture this: somewhere in North America, you awaken to a beautiful day in Show Coach #1209, a luxury RV built by Marathon on the XLII model Prevost chassis. You arise from your RV king bed and grab a robe from your walk-in wardrobe. Coffee is already brewing in the galley – the savory scent seems to match the leathers in the salon, the golden richness in the cabinetry. You follow the elegant tile floor past the stacked washer/dryer into the galley, pour yourself a cup, grab your iPad and settle into one of the recliners, placing your coffee on the table in the salon. You raise the blinds and relax in sunlight and comfort, perhaps looking at pictures from the gathering you hosted last night, where you’d impressed your guests with the large exterior TV, refrigerator and wine cooler, all built right into the custom exterior bays. You look out your curbside window, where a few folks have gathered to eye the classic stainless exterior of your luxury coach, with its handsome lines of maroon, gold and ebony. If you could, you’d tell them how lucky you got – that this beauty only had about 28,000 miles on it when you purchased it. You look back at the gorgeous interior of Marathon Show Coach #1209 and smile. It’s possible that you’ll be sitting in the lavish cockpit later today, driving further down the road in style and comfort, headed for somewhere else in North America. Or, maybe you’ll stay and relax for one more day. If you’re ready to make this dream a reality, call Marathon and ask a representative about Show Coach #1209 today.


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