Luxury RV Finishing Touches: XPEL ULTIMATE Protection Film | Marathon Coach

Luxury RV Finishing Touches: XPEL ULTIMATE Protection Film

Perhaps nothing reveals attention to detail on a luxury RV so much as the finishing touches. In this mesmerizing video, watch Marathon Coach craftsman Rick Kitzel as he applies XPEL protection film to the front end of a new Marathon coach. While you watch Rick work his magic, get the scoop on how XPEL protection film works, and why Marathon uses this pioneering product to enhance the longevity and quality of each of their extraordinary luxury coaches. Learn how this durable, nearly invisible urethane film protects against damage from rock chips, road debris, tree sap, bird droppings and bug acids, and how XPEL’s elastomeric polymer — or “self-healing” properties — can make scuffs and light scratches literally disappear in the sun. If needed, master installers like Rick can also cleanly remove the film, without damaging Marathon’s incomparable exterior paint job. Rick speaks volumes about the mission statement of Marathon Coach when he says: “Combining a great product with great installation techniques and attention to detail is a beautiful thing.”


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