The Luxury RV Kitchen Dream Center from Marathon Coach | Marathon Coach

The Luxury RV Kitchen Dream Center from Marathon Coach

Join Marathon Coach Engineering Manager Jay Graham for a tour of the new luxury RV Kitchen Dream Center, which is now standard in several of Marathon’s updated floorplans. Although some not in-the-know might imagine life on the road overflowing with sandwich makings, diner coffee and canned soft drinks, Marathon coach owners with the Kitchen Dream Center know different. The lighted art niche and hidden appliance center not only houses a Miele espresso machine/coffee maker, steam oven and wine cooler, but it also lends itself to creating the look of an extended salon. Marathon Coach Engineering Manager Jay Graham gives a quick but in-depth tour of the appliances, including the user-friendly motorized access panels, versatile racks/trays and multiple options and features that make cooking remarkable meals in your Marathon Coach easier than ever. Jay also shows us how — if you are the type of owner who doesn’t often use these features — the flexibility of the engineering is such that any of the appliances can be removed while the shelving remains in the space for additional galley storage. The Kitchen Dream Center is yet another feature that makes a Marathon bus conversion the ultimate luxury RVing experience.


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