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Fully Loaded Luxury RV: Marathon Coach Swag Bag Unboxing

The swag bag for a life well lived.

For luxury life on the go, there’s Marathon Coach. And, whether buying a new or pre-owned luxury RV, there’s now the Marathon swag bag. To learn more about Marathon’s newest offering, be sure to watch this “unboxing” video as you’ll find the complimentary Marathon backpack is fully loaded with Marathon branded items including the following:

1. Marathon branded 16 power binoculars with a robust zoom to get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

2. Bluetooth Kubus mini-speaker with great sound: Perfect for a hike or picnic.

3. Not one, but two Marathon hats.

4. Notepad to jot down whatever needs jotting.

5. Marathon ballpoint pen to seamlessly put thoughts to paper.

6. Marathon umbrella to make any day sunny in spirit.

7. 13 function pocketknife for whatever comes your way: tools include corkscrew, can opener, scissors, blades, saw and more.

8. 3 in 1 lantern: Enjoy your adventure after dark whether you use as a lantern, flashlight or mood lighting.

9. 20 oz Tumbler to show your Marathon pride whether you’re drinking coffee or a cocktail.

10. 113 pc first aid kit for when you need a quick fix.

11. Solar calculator for math time fun.

12. 3 oz spray sunscreen to protect your epidermis.

13. Deck of Marathon cards for games on the go with friends from far and near.

14. (2) 6″ Marathon decals to show your Marathon pride wherever you roam.

15. (2) Marathon keychains that are both functional and beautiful.

16. Sturdy Marathon backpack perfect for comfortably carrying hiking supplies, beach necessities and more.

17. Marathon Calendar to count the days until that next big trip.


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