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Increase Your Living Space with the Bunks-to-Wardrobe Feature

Why choose convenience over comfort when you can have both? Unlike many motorcoaches where overnight guests or family members are a mere afterthought, Marathon Coach has a revolutionary new feature that provides bunk beds, each with its own audio/visual system, so everyone has his or her own space. The innovation comes along when traveling without guests. With the press of a button, the upper bunk lowers down to the bottom of the unit, clearing the way for a spacious wardrobe.

Our experienced engineers considered the spatial limitations and embraced the challenge of maximizing this area. With the inventive design, high quality components and a quiet, heavy-duty motor, guests can expect a comfortable night’s sleep with full support whether they’re a 60-pound child or 300-pound adult. Through ingenuity, fully utilizing the space available, overnight guests have more than a supportive mattress, they have good head clearance as well.

This state-of-the-art technology provides the reliable performance and duality you want to have the space you desire for guests or storage. It’s up to you. The extra beds are there when you need them and maximizing storage space when you don’t.

We embrace challenge here at Marathon Coach, because creativity and ingenuity is our lifeblood. For more information on this innovative motorcoach option, please contact one of Marathon’s nationwide locations.

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