What Will You Do with Your Abundant Basement Storage? | Marathon Coach

What Will You Do with Your Abundant Basement Storage?

Whether choosing an H3-45 or an X3-45, Marathon coach owners know they’ll have abundant basement storage for whatever they need. Some select the H3-45 for its contemporary lines and full body paint – others choose it because it offers approximately 500 cubic feet of underfloor and conversion space. Of course, those who decide on the classic styling of the X3-45 with its polished stainless steel sides enjoy the highest interior headroom as well as an ample 400+ cubic feet of storage space. Although the dimensions vary depending on the type of coach, the space underneath can be transformed in a variety of interesting ways, from installing wine coolers and freezers to storage cabinets and closets. The ways to personalize your experience are endless. We’ve constructed a feline retreat, complete with playhouse, custom-made cabinets and rope staircase, a teenager’s private gaming area and lounge, storage for dirt bikes, golf carts and more. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality. Want to know more? Contact your favorite Marathon sales professional today or email Marathon’s concierge at [email protected]


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