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Crestron: Robust, High Technology for Your Marathon Coach

Marathon might not come to mind when thinking of high-tech medical facilities, stadiums and military applications, but it should. These same Crestron systems used by the most technically advanced facilities and corporations are also featured in Marathon coaches. “This is the same automation technology you might see in university lecture halls, hospitals and surgical auditoriums,” said Audio/Visual Design Engineer Dave Dolby. “It’s the exact same model, not a stripped down unit.”

Why did Marathon choose Crestron as the central “brain” of a Marathon Coach? Because Crestron does more than connect devices such as audio/video or lights, it integrates all of your devices into one seamless command center. Plus, this system will be relevant, reliable and functional as long as you need it, be it two years or 2 million miles.

The possibilities are endless with this commercial-grade system. Not only is Crestron an integrated solution providing the tools needed to control environmental networks such as coach climate and lighting, as well as monitor various systems such as water levels and battery charge, it’s also programmable to make complex operations simple. For instance, one Marathon owner wanted seamless transformation of his coach from conference meeting area to a pleasurable romping space for his grandchildren. With one touch, he was able to convert the corporate environment with seating for eight to 10 business associates into a modern, kid friendly bedroom and play area that was the perfect place for watching movies, sleeping or perhaps even “bouncing.”

“Although there are a number of residences that will use this level of equipment,” said Dolby, “this is certainly the type of stuff you’re going to see in a serious commercial atmosphere where failure isn’t an option.”

“We didn’t install systems in the coaches so we could just get past our warranty and then have them on their own,” said Marketing Manager Pete Sutton. “We install control systems that are designed to last the life of the coach. This is not only going to take care of you for years to come, but we can come back into this coach 10 years later and still add new components to that Crestron system, still reprogram it and work with it.”

Unlike many systems that are designed to become obsolete, Crestron was created to serve for the life of the coach. Don’t let the iPad/iPhone integration fool you; not all systems are created equal. Crestron simply applies these tools to create one more access point for you to drive this highly customizable system.

Program Capabilities
Our clients expect the best and that’s what we strive to provide. Other products on the market are limited by how fine of detail they can program into one button. “There’s a certain amount of limitations to the amount of programming, the preciseness of the programming, on what it can perform and what it can do on those other systems,” said Dolby.

The Crestron system allows nearly any electronic device to be incorporated and controlled from the one touch pad. When your system and devices go beyond connections to true communication, you’re free to create your ideal environment. This unrestrictive programming ability also allows us to make multiple events happen in sequence from the push of one button. With a single touch from your mobile app, touch screen or key pad, you can prepare your coach for movie night, high-end entertaining or bedtime. No other system provides as much ease of use and convenience. In short, we’re not limited by equipment, only our imagination.

Movie Night Will Never Be the Same
All you need is the popcorn, because your “theater button” takes care of the details. Imagine enjoying an afternoon relaxing on your coach’s recliner, posting photos of your trip on Facebook and responding to a few emails. With the emails answered, it would be nice to watch that new movie you rented. But instead of reaching for your remote you simply switch to your Marathon Coach app on your iPad and touch the theater button. The blinds go down, the lights dim, the TV comes on and your movie spins in the Blu-ray player. And now it’s time to relax.


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