Marking Milestones: The Technological Marvel of XPEL Protective Film | Marathon Coach

Marking Milestones: The Technological Marvel of XPEL Protective Film

No matter how or when Marathon coach owners acquire their coaches, most want to protect their investment. It’s because of this that Marathon uses XPEL ULTIMATE Protection Film on all new coaches, as well as offers this clear-coated, transparent, thin urethane film as an upgrade at the Oregon service center.

“I like the ‘craft’ in many things,” said Rich Kitzel, who has been installing paint protection film for 18 years. “It can be preparing a brisket on the smoker, washing and polishing my Jeep, or applying XPEL film. Combining a great product with great installation techniques and attention to detail is a beautiful thing. I love to work with sound products I can trust. XPEL has proven over time that they offer not only a great film, but a reliable system of products and tools for my industry.”

Specifically patterned to fit the contours of each Marathon coach, this durable, energy absorbent film is virtually invisible, yet protects the painted areas of the front cap and fender body lines on the wheel wells against damage from rock chips, road debris, tree sap, bird droppings and bug acids. Plus, with its elastomeric polymer “self-healing” properties, scuffs and light scratches in the film disappear in the heat of the sun or warmth of a garage.

“It’s often that a customer will relate a horror story about how this or that has damaged the film and the paint on their car or RV,” said Rich. “I love the look on their faces when I remove the film ‘so they can have body work done,’ when they see there’s no damage at all. It’s not that film makes a car or RV bulletproof – things do get through – it is, however, usually the film that takes the hit. One customer had the side of his bumper scraped when his son parked the car in the garage. It even looked like the paint had been scraped off. The film came off and took all the damage with it. I applied new film and he avoided going to the body shop.”

Without the “orange peel” effect of some other films, XPEL is also known for clean removal without damaging paint. XPEL is truly a pioneer of luxury RV protection.


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