Lutron Shades: Quiet Motorization with Style | Marathon Coach

Set Your Shades in Motion! Lutron Shades: Quiet Motorization with Style


Rolling or stationary, a luxury vacation home with a view isn’t enough if it doesn’t come with the serenity expected of a long, luxurious vacation. Lutron crafts top-tier shades with a motor so quiet you don’t have to think about them, while Marathon’s design team provides the finishing touches to ensure this element is personal and dramatic.

“The system we use has been approved for military installations and is also found in many large building complexes,” said Electrical Design Engineer Jim Smith. “These qualifications make them the most sought-after shade system in the world.”

Good design unifies function and aesthetics, bringing the coach owners’ style to the forefront while keeping noise pollution to a minimum. These shades are strategically created to provide sweeping, unobstructed views when desired, and solitude and shade when not, all with just a whisper of sound.

“Lutron shades are extremely quiet and reliable, with a long history of developmental improvements,” said Jim.

Now standard in new Marathon coaches coming off the production line, Lutron shades are also available as an upgrade.


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