Enhance Your Luxury Coach Experience with the Marathon Coach Voice Control Upgrade

Imagine a collaboration between engineer and coach owner that customizes the luxury RV environment in ways only previously imagined.

The next generation of smart coaches focuses on making life on the road even easier. A standard feature beginning with Marathon Coach #1294, and an upgrade option for coaches #0821 through #1293, Coach Voice Control featuring Echo Dot, Crestron and Cloud programming allows voice control from the salon and the master suite.

Applying this artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the coach application enables an ease many daydreamed about in youth while reading science fiction paperbacks or watching “The Jetsons.”

“Watch Apple TV in bedroom,” one might say, followed by, “Bedroom volume up.” Some will revel in the more basic commands such as “Lock entry door,” and “Open coach shades.”

This highly sophisticated system provides voice control of coaches with more than 30 programmed commands without the need of a remote, touchscreen or iPhone/iPad.

Command examples: Echo trigger…
• Lock entry door
• Open coach shades
• Stop salon theater
• Radio in the salon
• Watch Apple TV in bedroom
• Bedroom volume up
• All AV off

In addition to the 30+ pre-programmed commands, coach owners with this feature will also have the information of the World Wide Web at their beck and call as they ask questions aloud such as, “Echo, what is today’s weather forecast?”

Technology has streamlined travel in many ways – from navigational tools to preparing the perfect home theater environment to monitoring system levels. For those who have dreamed of a day they could control once-complex operations of their coaches with a simple spoken command, it’s time to celebrate. However, keep the party noise down as this system works best in quiet environments.

This upgrade requires a strong, stable internet connection – upgrade options include the following.

OPTION 1: Adding voice control programming and Echo Dots to current internet/Wi-Fi equipped Marathon Coaches #1192 through #1293. Although times may vary per coach, service estimated at approximately one full day.

OPTION 2: Installing internet/Wi-Fi hardware, adding the voice control programming and Echo Dots for Marathon Coaches #0821 through #1191. Although times may vary per coach, service estimated at approximately three to four days.

For more information about upgrading your coach, please contact one of Marathon’s nationwide locations:

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