Wiring A Luxury Coach. Marathon Mondays with Mal Ep.92 | Marathon Coach

Wiring A Luxury Coach. Marathon Mondays with Mal Ep.92

It’s electric: The wiring system and “brain” of a luxury coach – in this case, Marathon Coach #1299. Join Mal and Marketing Manager Pete Sutton behind the camera, as they take us on a true behind-the-scenes tour of Custom Coach #1299 in mid-production. In this power-packed episode, Mal and Pete show off how the meticulous organization and placement of the wiring in a Marathon coach is above industry standard. Get a great look at the master circuit board in the back of the coach – the “brain” of the coach – designed to mirror the longevity of the Prevost chassis into which it is built, and find out why Mal refers to the wiring of every Marathon as “modern art.” From the painstaking labeling on every wire, to the immaculate bundling and noise-free housing of the wires, Mal and Pete once again show us the time, effort and precision that accompany each facet of production of a Marathon.


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