Checking In on Luxury RVs. Marathon Mondays with Mal: Ep.81

Walking the floor: A live check-in with all the Marathon luxury RV coaches currently in production. Join Mal on a walk-through of the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon. Get a rare look at the Marathon boutique, where Mal shows off some merchandise and a rare aerial photo of the Florida location, before heading out onto the floor. Walk by Marathon Show Coaches #1251 and #1258 on the showroom floor, which are on full display for potential buyers. Get a live look-in with Mal on nearly every coach on the floor, from a sneak peek at Marathon Coach #1299 in shell prep to Show Coach #1290, a nearly-finished H3 double slide with “dream kitchen.” Then lean in to hear Mal give a quick lesson on some of the differences between H3 and X3 coaches.