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Pre-owned Marathon Coach #1251 – Bring the outdoors in

Luxury RV for sale: Marathon Coach is known for unparalleled craftsmanship, exceptional quality and unequaled creativity. Pre-owned Marathon Show Coach #1251 is no exception.

Imagine bringing the unrivaled beauty of the outdoors in. With this innovative ceiling design, look straight up and you’ll see a hint of puffy clouds on a sunny day peeking through the bamboo shades; yet if you shift your position, the shades appear to close, shutting out the clouds, but still allowing the soft light from above to filter through.

Of course, that’s not all that’s striking about this Prevost motorcoach X3 with double slides. How about two beautifully handcrafted, onyx sinks? These natural, honey onyx vessel sinks are each a unique piece of art and are nestled on backlit onyx countertops, providing a soft amber glow to transcend the space.

When you’re looking for luxury RV buses, there’s plenty more see in this Show Coach.  With gorgeous decor, livable space and tasteful luxury, isn’t it time you took a look for yourself? Learn more when you click this link.


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