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Passionate About Design:

Final Flourishes Handpicked with Impeccable Taste

A jewel box filled with items meticulously hand-selected by Marathon’s in-house design experts, whether a coach is custom built for a specific customer or is a Designers’ Choice show coach heading to an event, every luxury bus conversion leaves Marathon’s Coburg, Oregon, production facility beautifully and brilliantly accessorized.



Marathon’s interior designers purposefully create their over-the-top luxury RVs with a neutral, classic palette that will stand the test of time. Therefore, it’s often their choice of accessories and accent colors that adds pop, color and interest. These elements can completely transform the look of a coach.




“Accessory pieces can make all the difference,” said Vice-President of Interior Design/Engineering Alan Christianson. “They can address a specific trend or add a certain feel to a coach without a long-term commitment.”

Take Marathon Coach #1246, for example. Originally accessorized in bright greens, potential customers found the floorplan and core décor to fit their design style and lifestyle, however, they were looking for something that incorporated their favorite color: sapphire blue. The transformation orchestrated by Interior Designer Brenda Craft was immediate, with the stunning blue providing a striking contrast to the neutral backdrop.



Currently producing approximately 20 coaches per year, Alan and Brenda vary the accent colors and décor according to what works best with the interior, as well as select details to best fit the season or location. For example, if the luxury RV is slated for our Florida location and the interior blends well, the designers might opt for aqua and teals to create a summer, coastal feel. However, if they’ve designed a more traditional, elegant coach, they may choose more luxurious details to emphasize and add opulence, such as the case for Marathon Coaches #1272 and #1248. 

“I tend to use more organic and natural accessories for an active family/bunk coach,” said Brenda. “Marathon Coaches #1270 and #1274 are good examples of this. Basically, for the Designers’ Choice, we tend to select a color or theme that we feel enhances the mood we hope to evoke.”



For custom coaches the designers ask a lot of questions, paying close attention to what’s said during the clients’ spec meetings, as well as to unspoken nuances. Their goal is to personalize the family’s coach so it is theirs and theirs alone. 

“We’ve tucked in pet bowls and treats and embroidered pet names onto beds, such as in Marathon Coach #1256,” said Brenda. “We added special toys for the kids in Marathon Coach #1231, and we framed their family photos. We search out artwork from special places the clients have traveled as we did for Marathon Coaches #1216, #1240 and #1265. We’ve even framed customers’ paintings as we did for Coach #1260. A good example from today: I was shopping for Chase Elliott’s coach to incorporate some of his favorites – Atlanta Braves (beer steins), aviation (plane bookends), Georgia Bulldogs (a custom pennant pillow off Etsy and bulldog figurine), etc.”

A common question received in-person and on social media is whether the décor that’s in new and pre-owned inventory photos and videos are included with each bus conversion. “It’s called out in the specifications document as an ‘Upgraded Interior Design Package’ and is part of each coach,” said Brenda. “It generally includes place settings, towels, artwork, floral arrangements, candles, bathroom accessories and decorative accents, such as clocks, books, figurines, etc.”


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