Meet the F-Troop: Perfectly Mismatched Pups Living the Prevost Life

The F-Troop: That’s the term Jamie and Debbie Bradford use to lovingly refer to their two dogs, Friday and Fitz. Friday, the short one of the two, wandered into their lives one Friday morning. They took her in with the intention of finding her a good home. It’s been two years now; it looks like Friday succeeded in discovering the perfect forever home. Fitz, short for Edmund Fitzgerald, joined this happy trio in April of 2016. At eight weeks old, he was already 12 pounds heavier than Friday who weighs approximately 14 pounds. However, even though Fitz has grown to 148 pounds of romping, racing canine, this doesn’t stop Friday from ruling the roost.

Fitz and Friday-6

Fitz and Friday-1

The pair are wonderful travelers, completely embracing their Marathon Coach lifestyle. They just finished up 8,000 miles on the road over a course of 7.5 weeks with Jamie and Debbie, having a ball the entire trip. The two are reported to love dog parks, photo shoots, naps and life on the go.

Fitz and Friday-7

Fitz and Friday-8


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