A grandfather’s love and luxury RV are the things this little boy’s dreams were made of | Marathon Coach

A grandfather’s love and luxury RV are the things this little boy’s dreams were made of

Marathon is known for its sense of family and its love of adventure. So when Andrew Mullins was watching Marathon Mondays with Mal and started commenting about his grandfather’s 1984 MCI Marathon, we knew we simply had to share his story.

“That bus was a huge part of my childhood and was the start of my obsession with Marathon coaches,” said Andrew. “He owned a lot at Outdoor Resorts Indio next to a few of his friends who all had Prevost Marathons. He would take me out there as much as he could, and I have been hooked ever since.”

Lloyd Mullins bought the pre-owned bus in 1998 when Andrew was about five years old.

“I remember even as a young boy walking around every time we went out there just so I could see all the buses in the park,” Andrew continued. “One of my grandfather’s best friends owned the lot right next to him. He had a Prevost Marathon XL 40, and I just loved that bus. I would hang out with him during the day just so I could be around his bus.”

Not only did Andrew share photos of the Marathon coaches, but he also shared photos of drawing he made when a child.

“I would go to my dad and my grandpa’s office during summer vacations and I would sit at my dad’s desk and draw buses all day,” he shared.

Keeping his finger on the pulse of everything Marathon including visiting RVT, RV Trader and Prevost-Stuff, he plans to have a bus of his own one day. “I would love an older XL or XLV,” said Andrew. “It would definitely be a blessing to be able to get my grandfather’s coach back someday too. I have a frame with pictures of my grandfather’s coach on my night stand next to a picture of my fiancé and my son. They give me inspiration when I wake up in the morning.”

Thank you for sharing your fantastic Marathon family story, Andrew. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here. Until then, happy adventuring.


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