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Marathon Show Coach #1236 – Remarkable & Bold

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Flame painting hit the hot-rod world more than five decades ago, successfully capturing the imaginations of those who craved stunning machines with enough power to rule the road. It takes more than state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality materials to create a coach exterior that’s truly a work of art. It takes talented artisans with unrivaled passion and expertise. Marathon’s own M Exterior Creations team pushed this classic American icon to the edge when creating this 2016 H3-45 quad slide.

1236 interior (14 of 257)-Edit_smMarathon Show Coach #1236 features a custom designed precious metals color collection inspired by the richest copper, truest silver and shimmering gold. A real head turner, this modern take on classic hot-rod flames creates one of the boldest Marathon coaches ever produced.

This spacious, quad slide floorplan provides a comfortable space for family living and entertainment. Whether relaxing in the expansive bedroom suite or serving dinner in the galley, this roomy motorcoach has everything you need, including top model 4K TVs, in-motion satellite television reception and entertainment centers, solid wood planking throughout the salon and galley, porcelain tile in the bathroom, two recliners, a custom sleeper sofa, an L-shaped dinette, backlit glass sinks at the vanities and lithium-ion batteries. Plus, this bath-and-a-half coach includes the company’s proprietary technologies, such as TechLink, an electrical smart house networking system, and Freedom Plus, an automated sewer hose system.

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When you head to the rear of the coach, not only will you find a host of game-changing details in the spacious master suite — including its adjustable king bed and posh rear bath — but you’ll also find Samsung’s curved, Ultra High Definition television. The screen curvature of this 55-inch Smart TV enhances the picture by capitalizing on peripheral vision, creating a panoramic effect that makes the image appear more realistic and larger than its 55 inches. And with a resolution twice that of standard HDTVs, plus the auto depth enhancer, there’s a sense of detail that produces an extraordinary viewing experience. The precision black local dimming, micro dimming ultimate, wide color enhancer plus and ultra clear panel generate a sharper image that heightens the viewing experience. With the Clear Motion Rate 1200 feature, motion clarity is optimized, making those action-packed films more exciting than ever. The beauty of this set is extended to the room’s aesthetic as the bedroom’s storage cabinet was beautifully constructed by hand to follow the flowing curvature of the television, creating something akin to a work of art.

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This coach also sports a 50-inch 4K, flip-down TV in the salon, a 32-inch HDTV in the salon slide-out for on-the-road-viewing,  a 22-inch HDTV in the forward water closet and a 48-inch 4K TV in the underbelly. With a show-stopping style that makes an unforgettable impression, this luxury motorcoach is the ideal place to relax and enjoy life.




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