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Introducing Traveling Shoes

Upon occasion, travel is centered on the simple task of moving from point A to point B. However, for most of the Marathon family, clients and employees alike, travel is less about the utilitarian and more about the adventure. When we recently learned that Marathon engineer Bob Chavarria and interior designer Brenda Kraft had both found themselves so inspired by where their traveling shoes had taken them, that they each had to snap and share photos from their treks, we knew they were on to something.

We’re happy to introduce you to a new section of the Marathon blog: Traveling Shoes. The first photo features Bob in Peru on Huayna Picchu looking down on Machu Picchu, and the second photo shows Brenda at the top of Smith Rock in Oregon. We don’t know about you, but we’re inspired!

Brenda shoes

If you and your traveling shoes find yourselves somewhere interesting, be sure to snap a photo and send it to [email protected] with a short explanation of where you were or what was going on. You just might see your “traveling shoes” featured on the Marathon blog!


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